Congential heart defect

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Guest Blogger Mehak Agarwal: My path to volunteering

Mehak Agarwal is a volunteer from Santa Maria, California. She is taking a break from her studies to do intensive physical therapy after receiving her pacemaker and is currently working at Dignity Health’s Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria, California. Mehak is using her own heart experience to raise awareness regarding heart disease in young people. March 3, 2015, marked the [...]

Ryan Thurston’s Heart of Gold

I love it when I get guest blog submissions! Thank you, Wendy and Ryan, for your submission and story. Today, Ryan Thurston is a healthy, twelve year old enjoying his childhood in beautiful Ojai, California. In school, he is excited about his life science class which has given him more insight into the amazing human heart, outside of his own [...]