Community health workers in ArizonaOn October 27-28, the Phoenix Division held the first inaugural United Healthcare Conozca Su Corazón training for Community Health Workers and Promotoras in Arizona. This is the first of a three-year sponsorship and the first of its kind in our Arizona offices. The Conozca Su Corazón Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program thrives with community empowerment. Conozca Su Corazón/ Know Your Heart CHWs are health advocates trained to serve the difficult-to-reach and largely uninsured Spanish-speaking populations at high risk for heart disease and stroke. Cardiovascular diseases affects all Americans – but Latinos, where cultural diet, lifestyle and disproportionate lack of access to health care have made this demographic prime candidates for heart disease, diabetes, heart failure and early death.

Conozca Su Corazón: Community Health Workers Training Program are dedicated to changing the way people live — improving health and wellness. We have experienced great success through training people who live, work and play in those communities to become our Conozca Su Corazón mentors. The training focuses on learning by doing and is founded on core competencies, including Life’s Simple 7 prevention information, and the Check.Change.Control. community model for evaluative practice.Community health workers in Arizona 2

To enhance the impact of this program American Heart Association will  continue to work with United Healthcare and each of the attendees in completing in at least four engagement activities in their own communities. They will also be sharing stories about their impact in their communities after going through our training. That is a potential 80 or more activities on heart health education that would have not happened otherwise without the support of sponsors like United Healthcare!

We also have plans to do a training for several people who are interested in training in Spanish! Great work, Team Arizona!