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Love all of your "healthy selfies!"

We’ve had such a positive response to our “healthy selfie” blog contest, I would like to extend it through next week. Keep them coming – these have been so fun to see!          

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Hawaii ignites e-cigarette debate

Our You’re the Cure volunteers in Hawaii jumpstarted the debate about e-cigarettes with an Aug. 25  news conference delivering the association’s new policy statement. Government Relations/Communications and Marketing Director Don Weisman developed the press briefing in collaboration with state health officials who joined our volunteers for the presentation. The result was big news on the Fox News station and other [...]

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Big Win in Los Angeles!

Our hard work and efforts are paying off. I am pleased to share that Los Angeles County recently saw a dramatic increase of more than 61 percent in the number of acute stroke patients who receive clot-busting tPA therapy (tissue plasminogen activator – the amazing lifesaving drug that AHA research had a hand in developing) within 60 minutes of hospital [...]

More #WSAHealthySelfies to share

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Life is Why is a hit in Seattle

Hi, Kathy! My name is Ricki Cullum and I am an intern at the AHA in Seattle. I am working on finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health from Western Washington University. You asked in a previous post to share “Life is Why” stories – and we have a great one! I partnered with Caroline Reis, another intern, [...]

Heart Walk abuzz in the Greater Bay Area

Heart Walk season is ramping up in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The GBA is fortunate to have two My Heart. My Life. sponsors, Union Bank and Oracle. San Francisco’s financial district is home to hundreds of historic lampposts and what better way to promote our downtown walk than displaying 40 banners near our event at Justin Herman Plaza on [...]

Meeting people where they are – at the bank!

“Meeting people where they are” is one of the Guiding Values leading us towards our 2020 Impact Goal and our long standing relationship with MUFG Union Bank, N.A., helps us do just that. We have connected with California communities for years through a very special relationship with Union Bank, which supports our Multicultural Initiatives by hosting Health and Wellness Expos [...]


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Duck… duck… DUCT?

I have a wonderful story to share from a WSA team who specializes in fun – and apparently this year, ducks! Hopefully you’ve already heard about the amazing campaign that our Youth Market Team piloted this year, using little rubber ducks to get kids excited about raising money. Each time a child achieved a new level of income, they would [...]

Send me Your Best “Healthy Selfie!”

I think there is an old wives tale out there implying that summer is traditionally a slower time in our work world. Well, I’ve been waiting for things to “slow down” a little to launch a fun new blog contest… but I think if I do that, the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be upon us! Here’s the [...]