Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mission accomplished in so many ways

I have a wonderful story to start the blog with this week. For their first year of participation in Jump Rope For Heart, school principal Brian Leedy challenged students of Lincoln Alternative School in Corona, CA, to raise $1,500. If they achieved that goal, he promised to let them duct tape him to a wall. The students responded [...]

Friendly Competition Helps Fight Heart Disease

Competition keeps us all hopping. It helps us keep our edge in everyday tasks and turns into fun at sporting events of all kinds. From what I hear out of our Sacramento division -- that includes frog jumping. Calaveras County is known for its world-class fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee. The events take place in the historic Gold [...]

Taking Action Through Activity

We are still a few weeks away from National CPR Week (June 1-7), but you sure wouldn’t know it from the fantastic CPR stories that have been pouring in! I am happy to share that Sylvia Beanes is working with five counties in Northern and Southern California to participate in a mass CPR training. Fire departments and emergency [...]

Making the mission personal

I would like to start this week by giving a little “shout out” to two special employees who took their passion for our mission and made it personal. Gina Esparza in Los Angeles and Terry Mock in the Greater Bay Area both recently served as coaches for Start Training. For the last several months they spent their personal [...]

A Busy and Fun Week Launches American Stroke Month

Another busy and fun week is on the books and we have some great highlights to share including a BIG policy win in Arizona that hits close to home for a member of our Heart Family, a great NFL collaboration and recognizing a special teen for her work to raise stroke awareness. I am also so impressed with the number of Administrative [...]